Sebastian Aguilera

1565 - 1627

About Sebastian Aguilera

From Wikipedia:
His first position was as the organist at the cathedral in Huesca from 1585 to 1603, and then he moved to a more
prestigious position as maestro de música at La Seo Cathedral in Saragossa. He published a collection of works in 1618,
and eighteen of his keyboard works survive. He is considered the first major figure of the Aragonese School of music
centred around Saragossa.He was famous for his 36 settings of the Magnificat, in four cycles, one for each tone. The four
cycles are for five, six, eight amd four voices respectively. Each verse of each five part work has a canon at the interval
corresponding to the number of the tone. This one (on the first tone) thus has a canon at the unison. The collection,
published in Saragossa in 1618, is known as Canticum Beatissimæ Virginis Deiparæ Mariæ.

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