Music from the middle-ages to 21st century for recorders

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The concert on Friday evening was outstanding. Those ‘Tudor’ recorders are so difficult to play. The Polyphonica Recorder Trio are so skilled.

Martin Lawrence, May 2022

It was as if the Church of All Saints in Brixworth had been waiting for this ensemble to come along and fill its space with their exquisite playing. The audience was enthralled by the sound and the programme was well balanced with just the right mix of calm, meditative music and more sprightly dances and songs.

Vivienne Olive, 2022


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With over 30 instruments including copies of original Renaissance and Baroque instruments, Polyphonica presents a variety of entertaining and informative programmes. The Trio's repertoire covers sacred and secular Medieval and Renaissance vocal and instrumental works, and works from the early and high Baroque.

The Trio is also dedicated to promoting the recorder as a modern instrument with works from the 20th and 21st centuries including a number of pieces written for Polyphonica by composers from the UK, France and Australia.

Polyphonica plays regularly in the UK and has performed a number of times in Europe including Germany, France and the Netherlands, and is currently producing a second CD featuring music for recorders and voice with Robert Cross, countertenor.

Polyphonica presents regular workshops both onsite and online for players of all abilities and ages.

With three tutors, these workshops have a unique format allowing a greater variety of repertoire, increased playing opportunities for participants, and the chance to experience different teaching styles.

Just to say that I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday - it was the first time I had attended something like this and it was great fun and educational. Being used to playing in a very small group (currently only 5 of us) and learning the best we can without any formal tuition or guidance it was quite eye-opening to play in a larger ensemble and to hear the difference in sound from the greater number of players. Having a conductor was so much better as well. As for the instruction on technique etc - what a lot to think about! And to try and remember/take forward.

Carol Davis, July 2022

Many thanks for a really enjoyable day and a fantastic opportunity to improve our playing technique.

Rob McCallum, July 2022


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