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June 26, 2022 | 15:00 BST

Articulation for Recorder and Flute Players

About the Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to approach a piece of early music that has no articulation markings? Should we slur or tongue and in which context? What information can we take from the score that can help us decide?

This workshop aims to give you the means to make these decisions yourself through an examination of historical sources with simple practical exercises you can apply to any piece of music.

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This workshop is on Zoom and you will be emailed an online meeting invitation when you book. Please log on 10 minutes before the start time in order to ensure your audio / visual settings are working. You will join the waiting room when you log on and will be admitted when the workshop begins.

Please take not that the workshop is at 15:00 (3pm) in the United Kingdom. Please check the time difference in your area.

Need to know

You won't be expected to play to the group unless you wish to, but bring an instrument to try out the exercises. Everything will be demonstrated by a member of Polyphonica but we encourage you to ask questions in the chat.

A worksheet will be emailed to you before the workshop so that you can have it printed off ready for the event.

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