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Renaissance Articulation Interpretation
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March 20, 2022 | 15:00 GMT

Playing Vocal Music on Recorders

About the Workshop

As vocal music was considered the paramount musical art-form, it is unsurprising that most of the early repertoire for recorders is vocal music. Very often, modern editions of these works lack the original song text and its rhetorical structures and devices, or the text is not set underneath the music. This lack of text, coupled with the addition of barlines, can lead to performances quite removed from that which we may imagine to have been the intention of the composer. Polyphonica takes Janequin's L'alouette and other pieces as examples of how divergent interpretations can be with and without the text and barlines, and how to approach the problems of articulation as a tool for expression of text from an informed historical perspective.

Although aimed primarily at recorder players, this workshop would also be of interest to players of other wind instruments or stringed instruments interested in exploring aspects of interpretation. The workshop will consist of the presentation of the material and subject matter, with some demonstration by members of Polyphonica as well as some listening to other recordings.

There will be some exercises to try on mute and depending on numbers, questions can be taken during the workshop, or they can be posted in the chat.

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